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As you can see, the three books I've written are an odd mix. I don't have a subject specialty. I write about topics I either think need airing or that interest me.

I was inspired to write The Art of Thank You: Crafting Notes of Gratitude after not having received a thank-you note for a wedding gift. I charitably concluded that perhaps the gift recipient was intimidated by the task and needed some help. Published in 2002 by Beyond Words/Atria, The Art of Thank You is an inspirational and practical guide for writing thank-you notes.

In the case of Fat: It's Not What You Think, I wanted to correct the misleading hype about dietary and bodily fat that leads us to be fearful of fat—both the kind we eat and the kind we carry around. Fat explains the science of fat and challenges many conventional notions about fat and health.

The idea for Your Hands: How They Shape and Reveal your Nature came from a friend who wondered if the reason her elderly mother-in-law was so mentally sharp could be attributed to her daily piano practice. I became intrigued and started delving into the literature on hands. I discovered a wealth of little-known and fascinating information about the hand/brain relationship that I wanted to share with others.

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